One Click Tenant Completed Move-Ins for Rent Manager, Appfolio & Propertyware

zInspector now automatically syncs Tenant and Lease data for Rent Manager, Appfolio, and Propertyware users. First, set up your Rent Manager Integration, Appfolio Sync AND Appfolio Tenant / Lease Sync, or Propertyware Sync in zInspector. Then, go to the Leasing Page (Advanced > Leasing) to find the Property with New Tenants and Invite them to [...]

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Move-In / Move-Out Side-by-Side Comparison Report

zInspector allows you to create Side-by-Side Comparison Reports of your Move-In and Move-Out inspections directly in zInspector! This great feature allows you to view property conditions and photos side-by-side in a single PDF report. In just a few clicks generate Move-In / Move-Out comparison reports to view any changes or damages that may have occurred between Move-In and Move-Out. These reports can easily be [...]

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Rentec Direct Integration Gets Even Better

The integration with the easiest to use Property Management Account Software with the best in Property Inspection Software gets even better!  Great new feature for Rentec Direct users, now a copy of your zInspector inspection reports will automatically upload to Rentec Direct!  Whether it is a Move-In Inspection, Tenant Completed Move-In, Move-out Inspection, Annual Inspection....copies [...]

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Sync Your Appfolio Property Data with zInspector!

NEW!  Now all of your Appfolio property and unit data will update zInspector automatically.  Start managing a new property...no problem, it will automatically be available on your zInspector app for inspection including the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.  In addition, the Area list for inspection is automatically populated based on your settings for Single Family [...]

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Tenant Completed Move-In Inspections are Here!

We are excited to announce zInspector's newest feature... Tenant-Completed Move-In inspections! Property Managers using zInspector can now invite their tenants to complete their own move-in inspections using our new Tenant Move In app. The tenant-completed inspection report, including comments and photos, is emailed to the property manager and the tenant upon completion and is also automatically uploaded [...]

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New! 360 Mobile in High Resolution!

New Mobile Update! 360 Images now work great on mobile browsers, too!  We've had to spin up a separate server just to handle this working great for mobile too. Note: it can take a few minutes for the high resolution images to be available in high resolution after uploading.  Don't worry...all inspection reports and virtual [...]

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Backing Up Your Photos on zInspector

zInspector's synchronization technology allows you to easily update your data and back up all your property photos. Though all photos are automatically stored to your account, zInspector also allows many different back up options that are super easy to use! Choose Your Back-Up Method. Though zInspector automatically backs up your photos daily, it's always smart [...]

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