Tenant-Completed Inspections Keep Getting Better

Some of our most popular zInspector features began as suggestions from valued users like you—and these two are no exception.

Schedule Your Tenant Inspection and Remote Signature Invites 

You may want to delay Tenant Invitations for various reasons. Perhaps the lease is starting months in the future or the tenant plans to move in late.  Now you can do this quickly and the process is easy and intuitive.  Find out how.

Bulk Invite Hundreds or Even Thousands of Tenants

Enterprise users can now send bulk invites to one tenant per lease either for selected leases or every lease in your portfolio at once.

Send to a few tenants or send to a thousand. Invite all interested tenants to complete their Renewal Inspections in one go, or send an HVAC Filter Size Form to all properties under your management in a single invitation process.

It’s super fast. Sit back and relax, or move on to the next task: the reports will start rolling in. See how it works.