zInspector users receive thousands of tenant-completed inspections each week!

We can all list the in-person activities we have missed most in 2020…

Soccer games.
Drinks with friends.
Property Inspections.

Okay, we admit it. No one really misses performing property inspections due to COVID-19 restrictions, but, nonetheless, they still need to get done.

That’s why, since the crisis began, zInspector has offered tenant-completed periodic and renewal inspections free to everyone. It’s our way to help you keep safe and stay productive—and it only takes a little help from your tenants on our amazing tenant inspection app. And because our templates are fully customizable, tenants receive the instructions, questions, reminders, and requirements they need to do the job right.

With Tenant Move In and Remote Signing of inspections also available, zInspector provides a truly comprehensive contactless inspection solution that actually works. You can rely on quality, convenient, and socially distanced inspections, which your tenants will gladly perform to avoid the intrusion and inconvenience of a property inspector visiting their home.

Still not sure that tenant inspections are the boost you need? Click here to take a closer look at the complete photo-packed report.

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Disclosure: The tenant’s personal and location info are obscured for privacy, but displayed report content is original, unaltered, and used with permission.