Visually Document with Room with One Tap.

Visually Document an Entire Home in Minutes.

zInspector’s integration with compatible Ricoh Theta 360 cameras enables the super-fast capture of an entire room image with a single tap in the zInspector 3 app.  By capturing 360 images of an entire property, you can gather a wealth of visual property data in no time. With a little practice, property managers can start capturing every surface of a 3000 ft² home in about ten minutes.  And the resulting images display readily in your sharable, printable PDFs and HTML links and can be viewed at full quality through the report itself.

The standard zInspector compatible camera—currently the Ricoh Theta SC2 costs less than $300. It integrates seamlessly with the zInspector 3 app: no need to download the native Theta app! Once you’ve set up the camera with your device the first time, just place the tripod-mounted camera in the center of a room, yard, or other area, walk out of line of sight, make a single tap in the zInspector 3 app, and return to the camera, grab it, and move to the next setup. Repeat until all important property areas are captured.

Example 360 Inspections

Once captured, zInspector’s 360 images are easily stitched into an affordable, effective virtual tour for your marketing page or listing!

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