zInspector’s synchronization technology allows you to easily update your data and back up all your property photos. Though all photos are automatically stored to your account, zInspector also allows many different back up options that are super easy to use!

Choose Your Back-Up Method.

Though zInspector automatically backs up your photos daily, it’s always smart to have a Plan B. We will highlight the four most popular ways of backing up your photos below!

1) PDF Reports

Property photos taken during an inspection are instantly included in your PDF property reports. With these reports, you can easily share the photos to an unlimited number of email addresses!

2) App Integration

In addition to being shareable by email, zInspector’s PDF reports with photos can also be exported to a number of different outlets such as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, Rent ManagerĀ and more! Click the link below to view some video tutorials for exporting your photos to Evernote and Google Drive!

Click here to watch App Integration Video Tutorials!

3) User by User Report Settings

Customize your report settings on a user by user basis, specified to your needs!


4) Download A Zip File

All uncompressed photos can quickly be downloaded as a zip file that you can then save in another device or on a flash drive for safe keeping.