It may be time for you to try zInspector for no cost. This is how Brad Larsen from the Property Management Mastermind Show found us! “I’ve tried everything out there. I mean all the software apps you could find. If it’s out there in big name, I’ve downloaded it and personally tried it. Look at the end result and … mmm… I didn’t really like it. But zInspector really seems to be the best fit.”

On the 2nd of July, zInspector talked for Brad Larsen podcast sharing the key features and reason of existing of zInspector.


  • Management of unlimited pictures, videos, inspections, documents, all instantly organized.
  • Offline service.
  • 360° pictures.
  • Full virtual video tours.

Compare side by side, from the first picture and inspection of a property to the last one, all in one single report, thanks to a complete database.

As a property manager himself, Andrew Wallace, founder of zInspector, understands the problems of getting all the information needed instantly and well-organized. That is when zInspector appeared, to let you track all this information to a very specific level of insight, but at the same time being a very easy software to use. What’s more, all the data, with zInspector, is very easy to get out. For instance, printable reports, which may be usable for court, as Brad Larsen explains.

You now might be asking, but how much does it cost!!??

Well, you can try it for free (no credit card needed) and decide for yourself. Experience says, clients get to love zInspector!

“Owners love the format, and we love the quality of photos”. Bob T., KTB Property Management

“My inspections are much more organized and it is very useful to have an electronic checklist where I can take photos to connect with my findings. I have also shared how I do my move in and move out inspections with prospective owners and I am sure it has helped influence their decision to choose me.” Kevin C., Real Property Solutions of Ohio

“zInspector has helped organize my inspection process to minimize time spent after the inspection.” Jim H., M & M Property Management.

Any question, please visit or contact without hesitation. We’re more than glad to connect with you.