Tenant Move Out Inspections

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Convert Tenant Move Out Inspection Reports

Sometimes you have a tenant who moves out and the property is in perfect condition, so when the time comes to have someone new move in, you don’t want to re-take photos to put into your move-in report. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just use all the photos you took for the tenant move-out inspection and put them into the move-in inspection report?


The “Span” feature from zInspector allows you to do just that! This can also be a useful tool if you want to incorporate photos from across a long period of time into one report, as the Span feature is able to look backwards or forwards one year from any date you choose!


You’ll be able to compare photos from move-in to move-out side by side and as always, can tag or mark up the photo to highlight differences. No more arguing over security deposit returns – tenants and employees alike will be able to clearly see what’s happened to the property over the term of the lease.



Save Time & Money While Performing Tenant Move Out Inspections

With zInspector’s ability to transform a tenant move out inspection into a move-in inspection, you’ll save time and money. Your employees won’t have to waste precious hours re-taking photos and¬†inspections will move much faster.


With zInspector’s full mobile and website platforms, you’ll be able to sync your tenant move-out and move-in inspections in real time.¬†You’ll have access to all photos taken by any employee for any property and can easily create custom PDFs and reports. Gone are the days of mountains of paper or driving all the way to a property to deliver one document.


The “Span” feature from zInspector makes converting a tenant move out inspection to a move-in inspection a breeze. Watch the video below to learn how to use this feature.