Rental Move Out Inspection

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Incredibly Easy Inspections

So one of your tenants has just moved out and it’s time for you to perform a rental move out inspection. Do you remember where those move-in photos from five years ago are? What about the original lease document? If you’re using zInspector, everything will be accessible right at your fingertips.


One of the most popular uses for zInspector property inspection app is a basic rental move out inspection. Our mobile app is equipped to perform a full property inspection on any small-screen device.


After the tenant has left the property and you are ready to perform the inspection, open up zInspector on your mobile device. zInspector will remember all the properties you have previously input and pull up all associated photos and notes. No more hunting through thousands of files to try and remember which photos match up with the property.


Performing a rental move out inspection has never been easier than with zInspector. Our unique, color-coded system allows you to set the condition of a room or area with a tap of your screen. You’ll save time and be able to go completely paperless! Our app works on both iOs and Android, so no matter your operating system or phone type, you’ll get the full benefits of zInspector.



Fully Integrated App

While performing a rental move out inspection with zInspector, you can take photos or videos right from the app without pausing an inspection. These photos and clips will automatically be inserted into the final PDF report that you can email to your tenants and employees. No one likes going to court, but if you ever have to, you’ll have all the photo and video documentation from your properties saved in zInspector.


Need to pause an inspection? No problem. zInspector makes it easy to briefly pause your rental move out inspection and come back to it when you’re ready. All your edits are automatically saved and backed up to our secure Amazon server.


Once you have inspected all the rooms and set the conditions, you will have the option to add any final comments and email the report to whoever requests it. You can also include signatures from both the tenants and inspectors right from your phone with a touch-screen signature.


Check out the video below to learn more about zInspector in 2 minutes!