iPad Property Inspection App

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Full iPad Integration

Some love their Androids, others their iPhones, but you’re an iPad person. You can’t imagine performing the day-to-day responsibilities of running your property management business without your trusty tablet by your side.


zInspector works on all iOS enabled devices, including the iPad. Now, zInspector can be your go-to iPad property inspection app. With the advantage of a larger screen, you’ll better be able to see the crisp visuals and simple, color-coded system that zInspector uses to make your inspections a breeze. zInspector automatically saves the high resolution versions of photos you take with the app. View full resolution photos in crystal clarity on your iPad so you never miss a detail.



Stay On Top of Inspections

Even if your employees aren’t using iPads, you’ll still be able to sync your iPad property inspections across devices. Everyone in your business will always be on the same page, including your tenants. Use your iPad’s Wifi or 4G capabilities to easily send the custom PDF reports you create with zInspector to everyone living at your properties.


Performing iPad property inspections has never been easier. You won’t have to sacrifice any of the ease and simplicity that comes with using your tablet when you download zInspector.


Keep your iPad, keep your business organized and keep yourself on top with zInspector iPad property inspection app!