zInspector at the Rental Owners Forum

zInspector at the Rental Owners Forum

zInspector President and Founder Andrew Wallace will be giving a talk on streamlining rental unit inspections at the Sacramento Valley RHA’s Rental Owners Forum on May 28th. Here’s a brief description of the talk:


Topic: Streamlining Your Rental Inspections

Find out how you can save time, money, and paper on move-in, move-out and annual inspections. Discover how mobile cloud technology can help simplify your inspection process. Learn how to incorporate photos from your smart phone or tablet into your inspection reports. The presentation includes a demonstration of a simple, low-cost way to create, distribute and store your property inspections using a smart phone or tablet. Optional: Rental owners with 1 to 5 properties can register online for a free account with zInspector prior to the event by visiting www.zinspector.com. (Note: This presentation is intended for educational purposes, not an endorsement of this product.)


To register, please call RHA at (916) 920-1120 or email your information to Registration@RHA.org.

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