Do you remember the color of the kitchen on Adams St.? The master bathroom window size on Springfield Rd? The doorknob finish at the Oak St. duplex?

For busy property managers, a little thing can become a big deal at an inconvenient moment. Quickly matching a doorknob, replacing a section of flooring, or painting over patched walls during turnover is no problem…as long as you remember which doorknob, or flooring, or paint color you need.

zData, the latest from zInspector, allows you to capture, store, and update important property details at the best time for you, whether conveniently during the next inspection, repair action, or turnover process—or from the comfort of your desk. Easily keep track of everything, and reference it anytime, including:

  • Paint brand, color, & number—from Dove Grey to Oxford Blue—for every room.

  • Flooring (carpet, laminate, hardwood…) description & model number.

  • Backsplash, bathroom, and patio tile & mosaic UPCs.

  • Roofing shingles: extra points if you note the optimal year to replace!

  • Hardware finishes, from chrome to brushed nickel.

  • Preferred light bulbs for every light fixture.

  • Landscaping components.

  • and much more.

Spend less time on color matching (and not-so-much matching). Avoid an unintentionally eclectic doorknob experience. Stop asking so-and-so if they remember (they’re getting annoyed). Save time, guesswork, and needless stress, one detail at a time—with zData.

Start storing your finish & fixture data today: here’s how it works.

zData is free to try for a limited time on all zInspector accounts: Plans & Pricing

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