Customize Wifi Settings

Need to save your data? Using a Wifi only device? zInspector allows you to edit the settings on the app to only upload photos or documents when connected to Wifi. Cut down on using costly data by setting your device to only upload documents or photos while connected to the Internet. Thanks to zInspector’s ability to work offline, all your information will still be saved and accessible even if you don’t have Wifi.




Three Levels of Connection

Uploading different types of files such as photos, videos, or PDF reports uses different amounts of connection and data. zInspector allows you to completely control exactly when each type of file is uploaded. Want your videos to only upload when you’re connected to WiFi, but you’re okay with documents being loaded through 4G? Three different levels allow you to decide when you want to use data versus Wifi. You get to choose when you want the app to use Wifi only, or if it’s okay to connect to your wireless network for some types of files.


zInspector won’t make you use costly data to upload your files with our customized Wifi settings. Take charge of your data usage by quickly and easily customizing your settings.