At zInspector we tend to focus on the new features that make rabid fans and game-changers of even the most stuck-in-a-rut property managers. But really, the basics are what make zInspector’s property management inspection solution the best in the business.

Take our in-app camera. No other inspection app out there comes close. When you open the zInspector 3 app on your tablet or smartphone, you are really stepping into the best, fastest, and most flexible in-app inspection camera experience there is—period.

And here’s the simple proof:

1] Ultra-fast, high-res photo + video capture. No lengthy processing times to block your flow. No blurry images to weaken your findings. Just quick, crisp and detailed captures to document property conditions: the good, the bad, and the icky too.

2] Zoom, rotation, & easy markup tools. Push in to capture the nitty-gritty details. Go horizontal when a wider context is crucial. Draw arrows, circles, exclamation points, and words right onto the photo you just snapped. Go big!

3] Reliable, hassle-free photo uploading. Take ten photos, take a hundred, take a thousand. Keep snapping away. Each inspection image uploads safely and unobtrusively in the background, so you can get it done then move on.

We’re talking hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of high-quality property photos taken over time, securely stored, instantly available, and rapidly searchable. None of the competition comes close.

To experience zInspector’s amazing camera on your own device, download the app today and log in with a free account—if you don’t yet have one, it only takes a minute!