“Owners love the format and we love the quality of the photos.”

Bob T., KTB Property Management

“We have loved zInspector so far. […] Pretty much everything we requested has been done or put into the works and will be coming soon. I will say we have not dealt with anyone so far in the software field in general that has been so responsive and willing to work with us to make the product and experience our very own!”

Elizabeth M., Signature Property Management, LLC

“zInspector has helped organize my inspection process to minimize time spent after the inspection.”

Jim H., M & M Property Management

“We have tried pretty much every inspection app and this is by far the best. Not only is the app great, but the support and willingness of the developers to listen to and implement our ideas to make the app more efficient is second to none. This by far exceeded our expectations.”

David W., State Property Management

“A lot easier & less time consuming…very quick and helpful responses from the support team. ”

Destiny C., Capital Development

“My inspections are much more organized and it is very useful to have an electronic checklist where I can take photos to connect with my findings. I have also shared how I do my move in and move out inspections with prospective owners and I am sure it has helped influence their decision to choose me.”

Kevin C., Real Property Solutions of Ohio

“zInspector has vastly improved our inspection process, start to finish. It has allowed us to automate in areas that save our technicians and office staff time, and it generates an end-product that helps us stand out in our field.”

Kimberly S., Bullseye Leak Detection, Inc

“[zInspector] has provided real time data from the field, plus is helpful keeping our owners informed via automatic report emails.”

Ryan V., Interchange Property Management

“zInspector has greatly helped in the organization of the inspection and issuing vendors a report of repairs needed.”

Ileana M., Sierra Investment Properties Inc.

“This software has cut back on errors, time writing things, and the reports overall looks more professional than our pencil/paper method.”

Brandon V., Mike Vickrey & Associates, Inc.