When rising dough for home-baked bread, the best approach is non-interference:
  1. Knead it.
  2. Place it in a lightly covered bowl.
  3. Set it aside somewhere warm.
  4. Go do something else and expect good results. 🤞

When managing properties, however, non-interference is the very worst approach. True property management pros assume that everything is definitely not going to be fine; they understand that even model tenants may let property conditions deteriorate in big ways when no one’s paying attention. zInspector understands this too and so created Tenant-Completed Periodic Inspections to help.

Under normal circumstances, it takes time to coordinate, schedule, and perform periodic inspections in person. And these days, tenants don’t want you in their space anymore than you want to be there. With zInspector, in just minutes, you can invite a tenant to perform a periodic inspection at their convenience using a smartphone or mobile device (and you can even schedule it in advance).

Regular check-ups—for things like landscape irrigation, HVAC filter replacement, and proper appliance upkeep—help you advocate for the properties in your care. Ongoing vigilance for evidence of water leaks, black mold, and termites, among other problems, can identify annoyances before they become catastrophic.

During a Tenant Periodic Inspection, your tenant will cover the key areas of concern, take photos, add comments, and sign then submit the inspection. The resulting report appears in your inspection Timeline, where you can compare its findings against previous and future inspections for the property. You can send out a maintenance team, or a friendly note to the tenant, to address specific concerns.

Best of all, Tenant-Completed Periodic Inspections are currently free for all users: it’s our way to show support during this challenging time.

Want to see a real tenant-completed inspection? Click here.

Curious to see how the process works?

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