Shared Property Definitions

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Create Your Own Properties

zInspector understands that every property is unique. Why would you want to use a 5 bedroom template to inspect a 2 bedroom house? When using the zInspector property inspection app, you create each property and define it. Enter the address, tenants names, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms…. it’s all customizable!




Customize Templates

zInspector gives you the tools to create a property rapidly on the go with our mobile app. Even when using the app, you get to completely customize the template for a property. Your employees will never be confused because they have access to the same information and customization options. Thanks to shared property definitions, when different employees take photos, they’ll all be connected together on your zInspector account.


Shared property definitions are another way that zInspector keeps your team on track and allows you to have complete control over your business.



Learn how to make a new property on the go below.