Property management professionals know that info like appliance model and serial numbers is important to have on hand, but reading and transcribing those gibberish tags can be a challenge—to say the least. Now, with zInspector 3, you can quickly scan things like appliance tags, material barcodes, and QR codes and have the recognized text, numbers, and weblinks instantly captured for storage and reference any time.

In zData mode within zInspector 3, simply tap the Scan button to get started. Line up the label or tag text within the guides and tap the Text Scan button to trigger capture. A photo of the captured content, along with recognized text, will be created for future reference.

Or, scan a barcode or QR code! Tap the Barcode Scan button, line it up with the guides, and the scan will occur automatically.  Not capturing?  You may need more light, so just tap the flashlight icon and try again.

Once your content is scanned, you can simply copy the important info (model number, serial number, paint color, UPC, weblink, etc) to paste it automatically into the current zData field. It will be stored, referenceable, editable, and searchable between inspection activities on the zInspector website.

Start scanning labels, tags, and barcodes now: here’s more info if you need it.

zData with Scanning is free to try for a limited time on all zInspector accounts: Plans & Pricing

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