zInspector continues to offer COVID Resources, premium tools free to all users, to keep important inspection activities humming along without disruption, while essential workers in the property management, contracting, and real estate industries—and their tenants—stay safe.

Tenant-completed inspections, for one, are proving an extremely popular and effective frontline strategy for property professionals during this time.

The remote signature tool, featuring newly enhanced tenant feedback options, allows you to request tenants to sign previously completed inspections remotely. It is currently free to all zInspector users, and it’s well worth a look.

Remote Signature

The invitation process saves time, conserves paper, and eliminates hassle; it typically takes three minutes or less, when manually adding a lease and tenant, or about 30 seconds on a synced account.*

Simply locate a lease on the zInspector website, select a completed inspection report, customize the invite and tenant feedback options, and send the invitation to any or all tenants on the lease.

Each invited tenant can sign the report with ease from their computer or smartphone, and additionally provide any feedback you enable.

Enhanced Tenant Feedback

Along with a signature, you can solicit tenant feedback in the form of general comments, photos, or even detail-level comments on specific findings.
  • Let Tenants Add Comments. When enabled, tenants can add general comments to the end of an inspection report.
  • Let Tenants Upload Images. When enabled, tenants can upload their own images to supplement a completed inspection report.
  • Let Tenants Add Comments to Condition Table. When enabled, tenants can add their own specific comments to any detail-level line of a completed inspection report (image below). This option can prove useful for any property manager—and it’s actually required in certain jurisdictions.

*Synchronizations from popular property accounting softwares like Rentec Direct, Rent Manager, AppFolio, and Propertyware automatically bring your property and tenant data into zInspector and keep it up to date, making the process of inviting a tenant to remotely sign an inspection report extra convenient.

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