For property managers striving to bring their best game in 2021, zInspector is the smart pick. With so many inspection apps on the market, you may grab the first one that catches your eye or settle for the one that bundles with another software you use. And we get it: you’re busy, and comparison shopping takes time. But too many property management inspection solutions fumble the essentials in a big way—particularly when it comes to the all-important camera and photo experience.

zInspector actually began as an innovative system to manage inspection photos, itself a monumental undertaking. This commitment to facilitate effortless capture, storage, and retrieval of unlimited, crystal-clear inspection photos has never flagged. With its camera & photo prowess alone, zInspector surpasses the competition. You get:

  • Increased freedom on the field. You can perform inspections and take photos without an internet connection; your data will remain safe until has a chance to upload. And iOS users never need limit themselves to a single camera lens: if your device sports multiple lenses, including wide-angle and selfie, zInspector 3 can use them—in addition to flash and timer options, for truly adaptive photo capture. (Some Android devices unfortunately don’t support multi-lens use: we wish they did!) More on zInspector 3.
  • More control over settings. In addition to selecting the best lens for the shot, you can specify your preferred photo & video quality settings and customize data storage options to keep your device light on its feet and ready for the next down.  More on Settings.
  • Professional, photo-packed reports. You can count on zInspector’s perfectly readable reports, readily printable and seamlessly shareable as a PDF or HTML link. The report photos—up to eight per page—can be viewed at full resolution by recipients when photo links are enabled, so everyone gets an up-close look at key inspection findings. Even tenants performing requested inspections for the first time create amazing reports. Check our analysis of an actual sample tenant report  or download the report PDF to see for yourself. (Used with permission!)
  • A 360-extendable playbook. Whether you want to capture full photo coverage in minutes when onboarding a property, thoroughly document a residence between tenants, or easily create D.I.Y. virtual tours, zInspector’s compatibility with certain 360 cameras (purchased separately) gives you more options than ever with less cost and effort. More on 360.

The ability to capture clear and plentiful photos to document concerns, facilitate repairs, and settle disputes is the #1 goal of property management inspections today. And for property managers in the know, this alone makes zInspector a sure frontrunner for M.V.P.

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