Simple Photo Inspection

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Quick and Easy Property Inspection

Most property inspection apps only allow you to perform full, template-based inspections of an entire property. zInspector is different from the rest because of the Simple Photo Inspection feature. This feature allows you to quickly and easily perform partial inspections, rather than requiring you to inspect an entire property. Simple Photo Inspections from zInspector will save you time and give you an extra level of inspection convenience.


Need to request maintenance¬†for a broken window? Want photographic proof of posting a notice? Or maybe you only need to inspect one room and not the entire house? With Simple Photo Inspections from zInspector, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.



1. Open your zInspector app and select “Simple Photo Inspection.” This will let your app know that you’re not performing a full annual or move in/out inspection, but that you still want all the same documentation capabilities. You will still be able to set the condition for a room and take photos directly from within the app.


2. Select the property you’re inspecting, or create a new one. If you select an existing property, you’ll be able to view and edit any old documents and photos that already exist for it. This can be useful if you want to compare old and new photos side by side, an option available on the web portal through your Timeline. If you create a new property, you’ll be able to either define an entire home or just a particular area to inspect.


3. Fill in the details of the inspection. zInspector has tons of options for you to choose from, or you can create your own, ranging from setting the condition of a room to posting a notice about necessary maintenance. Put in photos and notes and voila! You can turn the completed Simple Photo Inspection into a PDF report with the tap of your screen and send it to whoever needs it.


Keep Track of Employees

Any photos that you take during a Simple Photo Inspection are automatically time/date stamped and tagged with the property location in Google Maps. Now you’ll know exactly when your leasing agent was at the property for an appointment!¬†All employees will have access to photos taken at any property, but only the account owner can make edits. That way, all your employees are on the same page, but your documents and photos will remain secure.


Simple Photo Inspections from zInspector allow you to easily take pictures at properties on the go and use them later in formal inspections. zInspector makes it easier than ever for you to perform routine or even spur of the moment checks on your properties.