The Simplest Property Inspection Software Available

Every property manager knows that performing move in/move out tenant inspections can be a real pain. With zInspector property inspection app, the process becomes painless! Since zInspector is accessible on your phone, computer or tablet of any kind, you can perform complete Move-In / Move-Out Inspections without the burden of binders and clipboards. The inspections can be done by different users and on different devices and you still get side-by-side comparisons.

Unique System

zInspector uses a unique color-coded system to help keep you organized. Inspections are done in a snap with our easy to navigate interface and simple categorization and condition checks. You can create and manage an unlimited amount of properties and zInspector will keep them all straight. Want to do a move in/move out comparison? Even if the inspections were done on different devices, you can always compare photos side by side on the web portal.

Photos of the same area taken across different devices or even years apart will always be linked so you know just what’s happened in that area from move in to move out.

Photos taken within individual properties will always be connected to that property for easy searching ability. Switch devices or employees between inspections? No problem. zInspector syncs across any device as long as you sign into your account.

Tenants and inspectors can sign documents and inspection reports on the spot from your screen. Everything is turned into a PDF for easy emailing and uploaded to our secure Amazon server. No more worrying about losing sheets of paper in your car.

Once you perform an inspection with zInspector, you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without it! Check out the video below to learn how to become a zInspector pro.