zInspector Website Privacy Policy

Your photos are your photos: we never sell your information to anyone!

You can request your account be deleted and/or unsubscribe from our email marketing lists at any time.

Please see below for a complete policy description.

Because it uses a bug-tracking software, the zInspector mobile app has a separate privacy; you may opt out of the bug-tracking software if you wish.  The mobile app privacy policy can be found here: App Privacy and Data Collection

It is also important to be fully aware of our Terms of Service.

About the zInspector Task Manager / Google Calendar Integration

The zInspector Task Manager facilitates scheduling of your inspections. Users may optionally synchronize core information to a user’s Google Calendar. From within the zInspector Task manager, you can easily change the inspector (i.e. managed contact).  With Google Calendar integration enabled, changes will automatically be reflected on the respective user calendars. In addition, all important Unit Access information is embedded within the calendar appointment.  Please see this video to observe the feature in action.

What information do we collect?

In order to sync zInspector Tasks to Google Calendar, we need to collect and store a calendar token, calendar refresh token, and calendar token expiration date, linked to your Google account.  This is only done if you choose to complete and authorize the integration.

The zInspector websites also store a cookie documenting your login information.

How do we use the information?

The calendar token is unique to your calendar, and we use that to store zInspector Task information in a Google Calendar appointment.

Your login information is used to allow you to easily reenter the zInspector website from the same browser.  A cookie is also used by our chat support software provider (SnapEngage) which allows our chat service to work across our three different websites:  zmaintenance.wpengine.com, portfolio.zinspector.com, and support.zinspector.com. That cookie is not provided to any other entities.

What information do we share?

Neither your Google Calendar ID, Google Calendar appointments, nor any other calendar information is shared with any outside parties.  Your information is not provided or sold for any advertising (or any other) purposes.  If you choose to add an “Assigned Contact” for a particular Task,  the Assigned Contact will have access to that specific Task information.

You may disable Google Calendar integration at any time under the Settings –> Profile Settings page.  If you disable Google Calendar integration, your Google Calendar access token will be purged from zInspector.  No information about your Google calendar appointments will be saved unless you specifically created that appointment originally in zInspector.

We do not share your login information, history, or anything else to any outside parties.