In this series, we cover key tools that zInspector users implemented in their unique turnoverinspectionleasing cycles to anticipate and avoid disruption in 2020; these solutions are sure to prove no less essential in the year ahead. The next article will drop in a few days.

Every property management team takes its own approach to the all-important Move In inspection, and zInspector has excellent options for every property manager—even when faced with demand for contactless services, stay-at-home recommendations, and mandated lockdowns.

Classic In-Person Walkthrough: Property manager and tenant inspect the property together, PM captures findings and photos in the mobile app, and both parties sign on the device. zInspector has been facilitating these for a long time—with fantastic results. But for many businesses, this method simply isn’t doable in the face of pandemic response restrictions; for others, sending an inspector out to meet with a tenant in person is just an inefficient use of resources during lean times.

Pre-Move In, Remotely Signed: The PM performs a solo pre-Move In inspection, documenting the state of the property using the mobile app then, from the website, sends the inspection report to the new tenant for their review and signature from a computer or mobile device. General comments, photos, and even specific line-by-line comments let the tenant make clear their own view of the property conditions, putting both parties on the same page from the start of the lease.

Move Out, Converted to a Move In: When a property has been well-maintained and needs few repairs during turnover, the PM easily converts the Move Out inspection into a Move In, applies any necessary necessary changes to property conditions right from their desk, then sends it to the incoming tenant for review and remote signature.

Tenant Move In: This game-changer proved truly indispensable in 2020. Most PM’s who give this a try never go back. Within minutes, PM invites tenant to perform their own Move In inspection on their smartphone, at their convenience during their first days of occupancy. No one-form-fits-all checklist, the standard or fully customized Tenant Move In template walks the tenant through the property as it actually is, room by room, and one detail at a time, and can only be submitted when it’s been completed properly. The submitted inspection report uploads to the PM’s zInspector account for later side by side comparison with the eventual Move Out inspection, and the tenant receives a copy by email.

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