No Signal, No Problem

Stay Connected

Not every property has stellar reception and when you’re working on your tablet or mobile phone, it can be scary to think about your information being lost due to poor connection. zInspector property inspection app solves that problem with its ability to work entirely offline. Even if you don’t have access to 3G or Wifi, zInspector will still function perfectly on your mobile device. Even on non-Internet enabled devices like a Kindle, you can still use the zInspector app to perform inspections, post notices or sign reports.

Full Offline Capability

While some apps might offer partial offline ability, zInspector functions fully even when in an area of low reception or no internet. Everything is saved to your device and account while you’re offline and then will sync across employees once you’re connected to the Internet.¬†Photos, videos, inspections and property database edits will upload when your device is connected.

You can continue to make changes and even create new properties while offline. Thanks¬†to our unique, two part synchronization, none of it will be lost. You’ll never miss a beat on inspections again due to poor cell service or WiFi.

zInspector’s offline capabilities allow you to get your work done no matter where you are.