Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Every property manager knows how difficult it can be to keep all your documents and properties straight and organized. Hundreds of properties means thousands of photos and addresses to keep straight. Particularly when trying to use Excel or Google Sheets to stay organized, things tend to fall through the cracks or there are thousands of emails required to send spreadsheets back and forth to employees. Wasting time sending email back and forth to edit a tenant’s name or property address can be frustrating and inefficient.

Searchable and Fast

With zInspector, spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Our uniquely designed web portal makes it easy to filter, search, sort and find details within properties using our tables. You can even print out lists! Since our system uses Shared Property Definitions, all keywords and names for areas of properties are consistent across your entire account. This means it’s easy to search for a property based on one detail. Our fully integrated and online system means all your employees have access to the documents you grant them permission to.

zInspector’s online database is designed to give you the flexibility of an Excel spreadsheet with the power of a connected database.