The Camera is Key

At zInspector we tend to focus on the new features that make rabid fans and game-changers of even the most stuck-in-a-rut property managers. But really, the basics are what make zInspector's property management inspection solution the best in the business. Take our [...]

New – Scheduled Inspections & Bulk Invites

Tenant-Completed Inspections Keep Getting Better Some of our most popular zInspector features began as suggestions from valued users like you—and these two are no exception. Schedule Your Tenant Inspection and Remote Signature Invites  You may [...]

Everybody Wins with Tenant-Led Inspections

zInspector users receive thousands of tenant-completed inspections each week! We can all list the in-person activities we have missed most in 2020... Soccer games. Drinks with friends. Property Inspections. Okay, we admit it. No one really misses performing property inspections [...]

Move-In / Move-Out Side-by-Side Comparison Report

zInspector allows you to create Side-by-Side Comparison Reports of your Move-In and Move-Out inspections directly in zInspector! This great feature allows you to view property conditions and photos side-by-side in a single PDF report. In just a few clicks generate Move-In / [...]

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