Integration with Google Maps

One of the most useful features of the zInspector property inspection app is our full integration with Google Maps. We believe in transparency and your ability to know where and when things that happen on your account take place. zInspector’s integration with Google Maps is not only useful from a practical standpoint in terms of driving directions, but also because it offers you a new lens into employee accountability.

Every property that you create is automatically geo-located. This means you have instant access to driving directions and can send them to any potential tenants or employees that need to get there as well. It’s as easy as the touch of one icon and boom, you’re there.

Locate Your Photos

Every photo taken within the app or put into a property inspection report is automatically tagged with a geo-location. This appears as a hyperlink beneath the photo. When you click on the date/time stamp link in a PDF report, Google Maps will open and locate exactly where the photo was taken. This means you’ll know just where the person who took the photo was and when they were there. No more wondering if your employee made it to the leasing appointment when they said they did or which agent signed off on an inspection. A whole new level of employee accountability is available through something as simple as zInspector’s automatic integration with Google Maps.

zInspector keeps you and your team organized and in the right place with integration with Google Maps.

Check out this video to learn more.