Introducing zInspector

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Getting Started – Introducing zInspector (2:12)



Property Management Software Designed For You


Property managers have an enormous amount of  information to keep track of these days. Where are my move-in / move-out reports? Where are the property photos I took? Where are the property photos that my employees took? Has my landscaper been to the property this week? Did my leasing agent show up to the appointment on time? Did the contractor complete the repair properly? Without a good system in place, you’ll end up with a lot of questions and very few answers.


zInspector’s inspection and reporting software will help you collect and organize your property information so that all of your answers are in one place.



Fully Integrated Property Management Software


The zInspector mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet  into a powerful property documentation tool. You can perform photo inspections, take notes, and perform move-in / move-out inspections of a property right from your mobile device. All of your inspection photos and notes are cataloged and stored in a secure Amazon server for instant access whenever you need it. Our app even allows you to do iPad property inspections!


Every photo you take with zInspector can be tagged with a creator, date, time, property, activity, area, detail, action item, and comments.


All of your photos, inspections, and property data  are stored securely in the cloud. They are automatically synced across all of your mobile devices and computers, so that you can access the information you need from anywhere.


Are you looking for that one photo in a thousand? zInspector’s powerful search and sorting capabilities allow you to search by property, activity, or date so that you can quickly and efficiently find the photos and inspections that you need.


With a zInspector group account, you can track the work of your employees and grant them varying levels of access privileges.


Organizing your photos and inspection forms to share with owners and tenants is difficult and time-consuming. zInspector uses your photos and inspection data to instantly generate customized, professional PDF reports that you can email to owners or archive in Evernote.


With zInspector, all your properties, inspections, and photos are secure, available, and organized. Try zInspector free for 15 days and see what your office is missing!