iOS/Android Compatible

Get The zInspector Property Inspection App On Any Mobile Device

Many property inspection apps only work for either iOS or Android, but zInspector works just as well on both! No matter what operating system you or your employees use, zInspector will work on all your devices perfectly. No glitchy interface while on your Samsung Note and no freezes working from your iPhone 5S.

Even if you use both an iPhone and a Kindle, your information and properties will be synced effortlessly across both of your devices. Switching from one operating system to another is as easy as opening the zInspector app. Do you have a Samsung Galaxy and your employee working on an inspection has an iPhone 6? No worries. zInspector will still make sure your inspection is flawlessly synced across your devices. No matter the operating system or mobile device, zInspector still allows you to perform full inspections, create beautiful PDFs and many other incredible features that make being a successful property manager easier.

HP or Mac

Are some of your employees HP users and others inseparable from their Macs? The zInspector web portal works on any type of computer. Our web portal allows you to have access to all properties synced across your account, including photos taken on any device linked to the account.

When any employee takes a photo, it will end up connected to the same zInspector account. All your employees will have access to them and can convert them to final email reports. No matter where photos are taken and on what device, they will always end up on the same report.

From the iPad to the Samsung Note, the zInspector property inspection app works on any device you can imagine, no matter the operating system.