zInspector’s new zTenant custom app builder empowers you to mobilize your customer resources in one convenient place.

Current and prospective tenants, house-hunters, and other customers will be impressed by how quick and easy it is to reach out, access resources, and even take actions for themselves, all from the convenience of your branded mobile platform.

Take your existing resources such as your customer service phone number or email inbox, after-hours emergency messaging service, online application forms, listings pages, and scheduling tools. Link each one to a button to allow your tenants one-tap access from a smartphone or tablet.

Add your logo, and select a palette that suits your brand.

Customize your download link URL with your company name, and add it to your webpage or email signature for convenient access.

Do all of this with no special expertise, and no coding required, in minutes!

Tenants invited via zInspector to perform their own Move In, Periodic, and Renewal inspections will do so directly within the zTenant app for a cohesive experience.

Ready to build your app now? Click here for a simple tutorial.


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