With the innovative new zData feature, your zInspector database reaches a whole new level of usefulness and convenience. Capture and store important property information like appliance model and serial numbers, flooring types, paint colors and HVAC filter sizes, all while performing an inspection.

  • Access, edit, and enter additional zData for any property on your account at any time from your app or website.
  • Eliminate confusion and ambiguity for inspectors, servicers, and vendors alike.
  • Start building a comprehensive, powerful, and easily searchable property characteristics database during your next inspection.
  • zData syncs automatically across your account for future inspections. Only enter critical data once, and zInspector remembers it for you!

zData is currently available to try on all accounts when you perform a default condition-table inspection such as a Move In or Move Out. (If you have previously modified your condition-table inspection templates and want to add the zData option to them, you can follow these instructions to do so.)

Not performing an inspection at the moment? You can capture zData outside the context of an inspection within the app. In zInspector 3, simply specify a property, tap Edit Areas, expand an area (such as Kitchen), and see the detail-level zData entries along the right side of the screen. Tap one to start adding zData!

Not in the field at the moment? You can add, edit and access zData on the zInspector website. Just go to Properties > zData.

When it’s no longer in Beta, zData will be available only on select plans. See the latest pricing and plan information here!

The following video provides great detail about this powerful new feature.

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