Tenant Periodic

Any experienced property managers know that periodic inspections are a key to success. To catch minor issues before they become major problems is one of the most important things that a thorough periodic inspection can achieve. Of course, tenants do not like to be inconvenienced or disturbed for the sake of a periodic inspection, and property management professionals aren’t typically eager to perform mid-occupancy inspections, either, especially these days. Nonetheless, they still need to happen.

Tenant periodic inspections are changing the game, especially when they are done right. And with zInspector, they work amazingly well.

Proven templates guide tenants through the most important aspects of a periodic property check-up and leave opportunities for the tenant to mention additional issues they identify as being of concern. A tenant periodic inspection increases tenant engagement with the property conditions and alerts them to those things the property manager is most likely to pay attention to and put value in regarding upkeep, whether that be lawn irrigation, bathroom grout cleaning, or other particular concerns.

Tenant periodic inspections are easily triggered when the zInspector user sends the tenant an invite by email. Within a minute, the tenant can have the inspection open on their smartphone as they move through the residence, one point of inspection at a time. Want to see how a real tenant periodic inspection looks? See this article.