Tenant Move Out

A tenant move out can happen for various reasons, predictably at the end of a lease or more unexpectedly for a variety of reasons. However it transpires, you can be ready to go with a tenant Move Out inspection from zInspector.

The zInspector 3 app guides you through the Move Out inspection one yard, room, and detail at a time to make sure that a tenant move out does not leave you clueless to the potential problems they may have caused during their tenancy and damages that need to be resolved so they aren’t left for the incoming tenant to find.

With zInspector, you simply let the tenant move out, roll in with your smartphone or tablet and perform the inspection. Mark things as damaged, and zInspector will automatically populate the damaged items in the security deposit return calculation spreadsheet. Just enter amounts, and—voila!—you can cut the check and move on.