Tenant Move In

A Tenant Move In inspection allows your tenant to perform their own move in inspection at their convenience during the beginning of their tenancy in a new property.  For its ability to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency, tenant move in inspections are sure to become a very popular approach in the coming decade.

When the template provided for the tenant to complete on their smartphone or tablet is smart enough to capture all the information you need as a property manager on the tenant’s understanding of move-in property conditions, you have a solid foundation for comparison when the time comes for the tenant to move out. And zInspector Tenant Move In templates are super smart.

A tenant who understands that the best way to protect their security deposit is to perform a thorough tenant move in inspection will take plenty of photos and provide great detail about what is existing damage and what they believe needs to be repaired on a property before long.  The tenant move in inspection process also increases a sense of engagement between the property manager and tenant and gets the tenant thinking proactively about property conditions and how best to keep them well-maintained.