Tenant-Completed Inspection

For any property manager seeking efficiency and security today, a tenant-completed inspection tool is an essential way to save time, minimize disruption, and increase tenant engagement in the property upkeep process and your expectations for it.

zInspector provides the ability for property managers to easily invite tenants to inspect their residence with proven templates that ensure that the required information on property conditions and other due diligence checks is captured in full. A tenant-completed inspection additionally increases the tenant’s engagement with the property manager’s expectations of a properly maintained property. With each periodic inspection, a tenant becomes more familiar with the priorities and pet peeves of their property manager and is more likely to pay attention to those details of property upkeep moving forward.

This collaborative, transparent process reduces surprise security deposit deductions and incidental charges for the tenant and keeps the property manager up to date on the actual property conditions without setting foot on the property. Tenant-completed inspection templates included with each zInspector account include a Tenant Annual, Tenant Periodic, and Tenant Renewal Inspection. zInspector customers’ tenants submit thousands of these tenant inspections each week, saving time and effort while preserving social distance during challenging times.