Rental Inspection Software

Whether you are a property manager running a large portfolio or a property owner focused on managing a single rental, inspection software is a smart and convenient way to document real property conditions and hold short- or long-term tenants responsible for unreasonable damage to the property. But not every rental inspection software will do the job. zInspector knows that different users require different features and has developed rental inspection software tools that scale beautifully whether you have one or two properties—or one or two thousand.

Guided inspection templates take you through each yard, room, and property system checking each one a detail at a time. When following up with a move out or post-occupancy inspection, the same agent or a different member of the team will review these same details, even referring back to the previous conditions to easily see what is in good shape and what has been broken, damaged, or otherwise needs attention.

When a rental inspection software is designed poorly, it shows in the inspection experience and translates over to the resulting report. zInspector’s premium in-app camera experience results in high-quality, professional reports every time. When you document a rental property pre- and post-occupancy with zInspector, you leave little room for doubt when the tenant has caused unreasonable or preventable damages, and you have powerful documentation at hand to hold them responsible, when appropriate.