Move In Inspection

Performing a thorough move in inspection is a crucial step for a property manager to ensure that they and the tenant are on the same page about property conditions at the beginning of tenancy. It is a great way to establish rapport and the start of an accountable relationship between tenant and property manager. Also, and especially in the case of a zInspector Tenant-Completed Move In Inspection, performing a thorough detailed move in inspection is the most important thing a tenant can do to protect their security deposit, or at least avoid surprise deductions—in tandem, of course, with taking good care of the rental property itself. After all, it is the Move In inspection against which the Move Out inspection will be compared when determining tenant responsibility for specific property damages.

zInspector’s standard Move In inspection template and tenant-completed Move In template will guide the user through the actual property as it has been defined by the property manager. On a smartphone or tablet, the property manager and/or tenant will be guided through seamlessly, room by room, yard by yard, detail by detail. When it comes time for move out, the Move In conditions can be effortlessly referenced during the later inspection so that the focus can be put on what has remained in good condition and what has not, making property condition changes during tenancy immediately clear.

With zInspector you can perform a Move In Inspection and then, once the lease ends, you can generate a complete side-by-side Move In / Move Out Inspection. This is the format preferred by the California Association of Realtors®, among other industry experts. This format lends itself to easy comparison and no-nonsense explanation of security deposit deductions.