Inspection Software

zInspector is a comprehensive property inspection software that combines an agile in-person or socially distanced mobile inspection approach with a highly customizable, high level set of property management office tools.

Every property manager knows that performing move in/move out tenant inspections can be a real pain. With zInspector property inspection app, the process becomes painless! Since zInspector is accessible on your phone, computer or tablet of any kind, you can perform complete Move-In / Move-Out Inspections without the burden of binders and clipboards. The inspections can be done by different users and on different devices and you still get side-by-side comparisons.

Many property inspection software products promise a lot without actually thinking the process through. zInspector believes that real estate and property management inspection software is only successful when it fulfills the real needs of customers, which is why many of zInspector’s most popular features were inspired by real user feedback.