Incredibly Easy Inspections (with Video)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but zInspector knows that in a property management inspection context, a video can be worth twice that much!  An incredibly easy inspection should always include a video capability. Sometimes when performing an inspection or walkthrough of a property, it makes more sense to take a video clip than a photo. zInspector property inspection app allows you to take as many video clips as you need.

When performing an inspection, video clips can be great to communicate with the tenant (explaining, for example, the tricky way a stove lights or a tip for turning a key in a fussy lock more easily), with a servicer (to explain that finicky stove or lock issue in a repair request), or to capture a property condition involving sound or motion (such as a noisy fan or a dripping tap). Why spend ten minutes explaining what a video can show in 10 seconds? Incredibly tedious becomes incredibly easy.

Inspection procedures should never result in one or two long meandering videos, which is why zInspector limits the video clip size.  A video should focus on a single area (room, yard, or system), or even better a specific detail.  Videos will most commonly be used to document an action item, but the important thing to remember is that a specific video focused on one area, detail, or activity provides better, more referenceable documentation than an epic 20 minute video walkthrough.  And since each video is automatically linked to the appropriate area, detail, or activity, locating the findings you need is incredibly easy. So easy, in fact, that you will never again waste hours scrolling through a hard drive folder or speeding through a long video in search of a condition you need to point to in a discussion with a property owner or tenant, or when preparing for court.