Improve Business Process Flows

As a property manager, you know all the moving parts that go into your basic business process flows, and they tend to be pretty complicated. Whenever a tenant moves out, you probably have one person scheduling the inspection, a second performing it, a third returning the security deposit and a fourth following up with a customer satisfaction survey and other personalized communications. Keeping track of who has done what can get confusing and overwhelming quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had an app that could put everything in one place and keep you organized?

With the new zInspector Task Manager, you can create and manage customized, improved business process flows. Manage to-do lists and keep track of your employees by ensuring that they check off tasks when they’re completed. You’ll be able to see who was present at an inspection, what time they started and when they finished. Follow the process of returning a security deposit step by step with the Task Manager: no more tenants calling about checks that never arrived!

The zInspector Task Manager also features full integration with your calendar, so any time you schedule an appointment or inspection it will automatically show up. No more missed appointments or calls! Want to assign a particular task to an employee? With the Task Manager, it’s easy to delegate specific tasks.

zInspector is all about helping you streamline and improve business process flows. The Task Manager is one of our newest features and we can’t wait for it to help you stay organized and on track. As always, it works on Android and iOS, as well as syncing with our web portal.