COVID Property Inspection

In spring of 2020, with the onset of COVID, property inspections ground to a halt at least temporarily for many property management companies. And that is terrible news. Any experienced property manager knows the value of mid-occupancy inspections and due diligence checks for things like seasonal concerns (such as checking HVAC systems before extreme summer heatwaves as well as winterizing properties in the late fall). For property managers with hundreds or thousands of residential property units in their care, even a two-week hiatus can mean big consequences for properties with emergent issues only discernable during an inspection and for the scheduling crunch once inspections are able to resume.  Many companies have not managed to reinstate a regular or revised inspection procedure, even six months later, due to COVID. Property inspections, regardless, need to happen, and the best property managers are looking for methods that reduce and eliminate future disruptions from pandemics or any other challenges that 21st century life may bring.

zInspector has made COVID property inspection tools free to all accountholders, even those who don’t pay for their account, for the duration of the COVID crisis. And the zInspector team is committed to providing exceptional support as property managers navigate these uncharted circumstances and seek out new and better ways to inspect properties and keep lines of communication and insight into the properties they manage open so that property inspectors and tenants alike stay safe and properties remain well-managed and properly maintained.