Android Property Inspection App

zInspector believes that you should have options when performing property inspection activities. One way we ensure this is by letting our users determine the mobile device that works best for them. After all, some users are simply most comfortable with a smartphone—the smaller the better—while others prefer the larger buttons and display afforded by a tablet. With zInspector, whether you are a tablet user or a smartphone devotee, our amazing Android property inspection app is well within reach. In fact, it is as close as your briefcase, purse, or pocket.

zInspector 3 supports all contemporary operating systems: namely devices running Android OS 5.0 and above and i0S 9.3 and above. On a tablet, some users find the zInspector 3 Android property inspection app experience especially convenient: you have the easy portability of a mobile device, the comfort of your Android’s design, and the larger buttons, screen, and user interface that some prefer and others simply require. Most users can navigate zInspector easily on a smaller-screened Android Phone, but a larger screen provides the extra visibility and surface area needed for comfort and useability that others need. The zInspector mobile inspection experience is optimized for all compatible devices. Regardless of the device you use, we definitely view our Android property inspection app experience to be the best on offer.