360 Camera Property Inspection

Armed with zInspector and a compatible 360 camera, property inspection just got a whole lot faster. With a first-time setup of about five minutes, take your tripod-secured 360 camera to a rental or real estate property. Place the 360 camera in the center of the first room or yard, move out of sight, and press the 360 capture button in the zInspector 3 app. Return immediately to retrieve the camera and move to your next setup. In this way a 360 camera property inspection can capture photos of an entire single-family home in just minutes.

Take your 360 images to speed up your inspections—then reuse them to create easy and super affordable Virtual Tours within zInspector. 360 Camera Property Inspections are a powerful tool for property managers. Our support site details the 360 cameras that work with zInspector. For more info, you can start here.