zInspector facilitates amazing property inspections—sure—but it also makes quick work of security deposit return calculations.

It goes like this: your damaged condition findings from a Move Out inspection populate a standard or customized Excel spreadsheet automatically, just like that.

Simply specify deduction amounts—$50 for a lock change, $200 to repaint an accent wall, $225 to replace a microwave—then watch the return total adjust itself, and cut the check!

Enter the amount to deduct for each damaged item. zInspector even does the math!

Ready to try for yourself?

  1. Sign in (or sign up for a free account).
  2. Open a completed Move Out inspection in Timeline. (New to zInspector? You can open a sample Move Out provided with your account -OR- use the app to perform a test Move Out on a new or sample property: this tutorial shows you how.) Either way, just make sure the Move Out in question includes damaged (D) items.
  3. Click the Share arrow at lower right and then click Download XLS.
  4. See your damaged items automatically populating the spreadsheet. Add $ amounts in the Charge column!