A Greener Office Experience

zInspector is a paperless solution, and your business becomes greener with your first inspection. Sure, it helps the natural environment. But it also helps you.

Save Valuable Resources (including $)

Going green is good for your wallet. According to an industry expert, the average organization spends about $20 in labor to file a single paper document, $120 searching for each misfiled one, and $220 to recreate one that has been lost. With our paperless system, you’ll save money on paper, toner/ink, and labor. You’ll eliminate lots of hassle and free up lots of space.

Optimize Organization & Maximize Efficiency

Circulating and directing key collection forms, checklists, inspections and office memos around the office has never been easier. No excuses for missed memos–everything is online! Sending important documents is as easy as the touch of a button and nothing will get lost in the shuffle. All documents are searchable by property, date, and type.  Filter your entire photo stream for a single property or across thousands of properties for specific areas and details: no more cumbersome, eye-straining hard drive searches.