Unlimited photos & videos

See the Full Version

While most property inspection apps only store the highly compressed and flattened PDF version of your photos, zInspector saves the full resolution photo as well. A link is inserted next to the geo-tag on all your photos that will open the full resolution image when clicked on.

Now, for those moments when you need a high resolution photo to inspect a detail or small object,  zInspector makes it easy. Tenants and employees alike have the ability to view full resolution versions of the photos taken during inspections right from the report! No more sending separate files with a non-compressed version of a photo and using more data or wasting time. zInspector makes it easy and efficient to send your tenants the clear photos they need.

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to view your full resolution photos.

Add Videos to Inspections

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but zInspector knows that a video is worth two thousand! Sometimes when performing an inspection or walk through of a property, it is easier to take a video than a photo. zInspector property inspection app allows you to take unlimited video clips of all the properties you manage.

Video clips are automatically be embedded in the final report emailed to tenants or owners. Rather than taking up space on your device with hundreds of photos, why not try a video instead? You can even perform a full inspection just using videos instead of photos. You’ll save even more time using zInspector’s video feature than you already do using our regular inspection services.

Unlimited Clips

Videos are as easily taken as photos with zInspector and can also be included in the PDF reports you create. zInspector will grab a an image from your video and place it in the report where it becomes clickable. When a tenant clicks on it, they’ll be able to watch the full video. There’s no better way to display a property to both employees and tenants than through a virtual walk through.

Videos are especially useful when showing a tenant how a tricky lock works or explaining the best way to light the stove. For those moments when a photo just won’t do,┬ázInspector makes it easy to take a video instead.

Watch the video below to learn more about this feature.