If you’d asked property managers eighteen months ago how they felt about inviting tenants to conduct their own rental property inspections, typical responses would have ranged from slightly intrigued to highly skeptical. 

But then 2020 happened, upending long-held routines, attitudes, and assumptions. People began trying new things and doing the unthinkable— socially distancing, working and schooling from home, even baking their own bread—in unprecedented numbers. And property managers began inviting tenants to perform their own rental property inspections via zInspector; and their tenants began submitting them, thousands every week.

Today, many millions of fortunate people are contemplating a return to normal life and business as usual. Vaccines are doing their work, and masks are coming off.  While your average person will likely go back to buying supermarket bread, your above-average property manager will keep using zInspector’s five-star-rated tenant inspection process. Why? Because real property managers love them and because they really work

Also, we should mention how much tenants love doing them. In fact, zInspector’s companion app for tenant-led inspection activities boasts 5-star ratings with hundreds of reviews by real tenants!

Tenants who perform their own Move In, Periodic, and Renewal inspections often feel more tuned in to their rental property from the start and more engaged with their property manager. Self-completed inspections also leave tenants feeling more safe, comfortable, and empowered to thoroughly document the state of their property at the most convenient time for themselves and to protect their hard-earned security deposit. 

Property managers whose tenants perform their own inspections avoid time-consuming and occasionally awkward in-person inspection scenarios while ensuring their tenants cover every important inspection point, one room or checklist item at a time. 

Even more recent acclaim from real tenants:

“…[T]his app gives you piece of mind and covers everything you’ll need…”

“This app is great. It really allows for an efficient method of accountability between property manager and tenant. Recommended 👍🏻”

“This app makes me feel safe when renting…”

“What a great and easy way to do an inspection! Wish moving was this easy lol!”

Why wait? Get started today:

  1. See a sample: download a real tenant-completed inspection (PDF).
  2. Sign up: create a zInspector account— it just takes a minute — click here.
  3. Invite yourself (as a “tenant”) to perform a test-run inspection — video tutorial.

Ratings and reviews quoted above were present within the App Store reviews for Tenant Move-In 3 as of May 26, 2021 and may be subject to change.