Search Your Photos

As a property manager, between you and your employees, you probably have hundreds of thousand of photos left over from various inspections stored haphazardly across a bunch of devices. Having unorganized photos can be a real pain, especially when trying to find that one crucial photo from an inspection three years ago. zInspector automatically organizes photos that you import based on location, time and date. It also makes photos completely sortable and searchable within the online database. All without you lifting a finger! zInspector has a unique photo organization system that makes it easy to search, sort and find that one specific photo you need.

All photos are accessible through the zInspector web portal and you can search by property name, room type or any other identifying feature. Even if you have a hundred thousand photos, it’s still fast and easy to find that one specific photo. As long as you can remember one or two identifying features such as date taken or property address, you’ll be able to find whatever it is you’re searching for.

Unique Timeline

You can also see every photo taken over time for one property, or add a filter to only view photos for one room within a property. Compare two photos with our comparison feature to see what’s happened to a property over time. Want to view the photo of a bathroom taken at the time of move in next to a photo from move out six years later? It’s as easy as looking up the property. Since zInspector uses a cohesive and consistent system of property and area definitions, every photo is searchable by a term as broad as “Living Room.” zInspector’s photo organization system is unique and guaranteed to make your life easier.

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