Top property professionals know that good filtration is worth its weight in gold.
  • A fresh coffee filter each morning.
  • A replacement HVAC filter every few months.
  • A robust verbal filter when speaking with tenants.
zInspector’s recently enhanced Timeline lets you filter your inspections and activities to focus on exactly what you need, and Media Filter gives you unprecedented control over filtering hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of property photos instantly and in ways you never thought possible.

Enter text (upper left) to filter by property name. Click the filter icon (upper right) to open Media Filter options!

Here are some ideas for using Media Filter—the possibilities are endless:

Experiencing a dry year? Check in on lawn care & irrigation across your portfolio: just click on the Filter Media icon and search for Landscaping.
Filter for Stove, for Floor, or for Shower. Send out notices, reminders, or service vendors where needed.
Find out which tenants are is keeping up with pool maintenance over time—and which aren’t. Filter for Pool instead.
Media Filter is just one more innovation zInspector has made available—at no additional cost, so go try it for yourself!
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