zInspector frees you from concerns about network availability and device data limits in the field.  When at a property to a perform an inspection, you no WiFi connection is required; for that matter you can be far off the grid with no mobile network connection.  The zInspector 3 app allows you to inspect unhindered without any internet connection.  Simply reopen the app when you are back at the office or home office so that your inspection data can upload. For this reason, affordable WiFi-only tablets like iPads without cellular service are a great option for zInspector users.

Additionally, if you are on a personal device and worried about hitting your mobile data limit, don’t worry: you can instruct zInspector 3 to upload your high-quality photos and videos on WiFi only. Save your personal mobile data for music streaming, video chats with friends, and your other needs, while performing high-quality, data-rich inspections.